Sunday, September 13, 2009

Live Your Dreams!

It couldn't be more true... "A dream is a wish your heart makes"!  You remember?  Snow White...?

Since March this year (2009) I have been planning and working towards moving to Lyon, France.  Everything is falling into place and my four beautiful Persians and me will fly to France and our 'new' life in November.

Speaking French and living in France formed part of my dreams for a long time.  Now I can speak French pretty well, not perfect though, and soon I'll be living in France...  for an extended period... perhaps forever, who knows?  Dreams evolve...

I have often been asked:  "How come you are so lucky to live your dreams?"  I don't think I am particularly lucky, or more special than other people, or more intelligent, or any other adjectival description.  I made a decision to be happy and to live my dreams!  Anyone can do it!  It is truly as easy as that:  make a decision about your reality, about your life and it will happen!

I hear you say:  "My circumstances don't allow it...", or "I don't have enough time...", or "I don't have enough money...", and a thousand other excuses.  That is exactly what they are:  excuses.

When I started planning and working towards realising my dream to move to France, my financial situation didn't look positive at all.  Through meditation I went into my inner space in order to discover 'what my heart wished'.  I asked for Guidance with regard to what my life purpose is at this point in my life... where and how could I serve best?  Through intuition and thoughts I knew exactly what to do.  During the past months I was guided in miraculous ways...

You see once you are clear about the life you want for yourself, what it is exactly what your heart wishes on all levels of your life, emotionally, spiritually, financially, with regard to relationships..., you start to create your own reality.  Opportunities start coming your way, the right people cross your path, and because of this your financial, and other situations start changing...  Once you start experiencing change and 'success'... there is no turning back!  You are living your dreams!

This process is not static, though.  It is evolutionary... your dreams will and should change.  Just go into your inner space often... and you will know what is right for you at this particular moment.  This is an internal process, it is not determined by external circumstances.

Why am I writing this?  Because just as the writings of other people helped me on my path to live my dreams, so I hope that though my writing I can help and encourage you to live your dreams and create your reality.

Just another story about my life and how I took charge of my own reality...  I am a flutist.  I am passionate about music, many different styles, and I absolutely love playing my flute.  I love entertaining people... to make people happy through my music just gives me so much pleasure!In the early years of my career (I was classically trained), though, I did not get much pleasure from performing for audiences.  I was very nervous and every concert was like a survival challenge.  I couldn't quite work this out.  I always loved playing the flute and before a concert I could imagine how wonderful it was going to be to entertain the audience.  It never materialised that way, though.  I was always disappointed after a concert.  These concerts were all very formal, recital type formats...  typical classical music concerts where the players and audience are quite serious... and quiet, and applauding at just the right moments...  Nothing wrong with these types of concerts!  They were just not my musical reality!

I went into my inner space and discovered how I should entertain audiences.  There should be different elements:  music (a fusion of different styles), poetry, visual arts, dancing...  Suddenly I had so many ideas... there was a universe of sounds, colours, musical styles, literature, stories, images, and different integrations of all these to explore.  Over the years I have coordinated and presented so many 'magical' concerts/shows, I have played with wonderful musicians, worked with talented visual artists, narrators, actors, dancers...  Part of discovering my reality was also that I discovered I love presenting concerts/shows in intimate settings where one can truly communicate with the audience.

My message to you:  start living your dreams today, this very moment... create your own reality!

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  1. Hallo Mikki
    Goed om jou profile te lees! Hoop dit gaan baie goed met jou in Lyon! Ben